Bavarian methode

bavarian methode

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Five noble families exist, possibly representing former divisions of the people. Subordinate to the nobles we find the freeborn and then the freedmen.

The law divided the country into gaits or counties, under their counts, assisted by judges responsible for declaring the law. Christianity had lingered in Bavaria from Roman times, but a new era set in when Bishop Rupert of Worms , came to the county at the invitation of Duke Theodo I in He founded several monasteries, as did Bishop Emmeran of Poitiers , with the result that before long, most of the people professed Christianity and relations commenced between Bavaria and Rome.

The 8th century witnessed indeed a heathen reaction, but the arrival of Saint Boniface in Bavaria during c. Tassilo III , who became duke of the Bavarians in , recognized the supremacy of the Frankish king, Pepin the Short in AD, but soon afterwards refused to furnish a contribution to the war in Aquitaine.

Moreover, during the early years of the reign of Charlemagne , Tassilo gave decisions in ecclesiastical and civil causes in his own name, refused to appear in the assemblies of the Franks, and in general acted as an independent ruler.

His control of the Alpine passes and his position as an ally of the Avars and as son-in-law of the Lombard king - Desiderius , became so troublesome to the Frankish kingdom that Charlemagne determined to crush him.

The details of this contest remain obscure. Tassilo appears to have done homage in AD and again in AD, probably owing to the presence of Frankish armies.

But further trouble soon arose, and in AD, the Franks summoned the duke to Ingelheim and sentenced him to death on a charge of treachery.

The King, however, pardoned Tassilo who entered a monastery and formally renounced his duchy at Frankfurt in Gerold, a brother-in-law of Charlemagne, ruled Bavaria till his death in a battle with the Avars in , when Frankish counts took over the administration and assimilated the land with the rest of the Carolingian empire.

Measures taken by Charlemagne for the intellectual progress and material welfare of his realm improved conditions. The Bavarians offered no resistance to the change which thus abolished their duchy.

Their incorporation with the Frankish dominions, due mainly to the unifying influence of the church, appeared already so complete that Charlemagne did not find it necessary to issue more than two capitularies dealing especially with Bavarian affairs.

The history of Bavaria for the ensuing century intertwines with that of the Carolingian empire. Bavaria, given during the partition of AD to the king of the East Franks , Louis the German , formed a part of the larger territories confirmed to him in AD by the Treaty of Verdun.

Louis made Regensburg, the centre of his government and actively developed Bavaria, providing for its security by numerous campaigns against the Slavs.

When he divided his possessions in AD, it passed to his eldest son, Carloman , who had already managed its administration, and after his death in AD it became a part of the extensive territories of the emperor, Charles the Fat.

This incompetent ruler left its defence to Arnulf , an illegitimate son of Carloman. Mainly due to the support of the Bavarians, Arnulf could take the field against Charles in AD and secure his own election as a German king in the following year.

Resistance to these inroads became gradually feebler, and tradition has it that on 5 July almost the whole of the Bavarian tribe perished in the Battle of Pressburg against these formidable enemies.

During the reign of Louis the Child, Luitpold , Count of Scheyern , who possessed large Bavarian domains, ruled the Mark of Carinthia , created on the southeastern frontier for the defence of Bavaria.

He died in the great battle of AD, but his son Arnulf , surnamed the Bad, rallied the remnants of the tribe, in alliance with the Hungarians became duke of the Bavarians in AD, uniting Bavaria and Carinthia under his rule.

The German king, Conrad I , attacked Arnulf when the latter refused to acknowledge his royal supremacy but failed in the end. Henry recognized Arnulf as duke, confirming his right to appoint bishops, coin money and issue laws.

The Bavarians disliked Henry, who spent his short reign mainly in disputes with his people. The ravages of the Hungarians ceased after their defeat on the Lechfeld AD and the area of the duchy was augmented for a time by the addition of certain adjacent districts in Italy.

The revolt soon failed but Henry, who on his escape from prison renewed his plots, formally lost his Duchy of Bavaria in AD to Otto, Duke of Swabia.

At the same time, Carinthia was made a separate duchy, the office of Count Palatine was reestablished, and the Bavarian church became dependent on the king instead of on the duke.

Restored in AD, Henry proved himself a capable ruler, establishing internal order, issuing important laws and taking measures to reform the monasteries.

In consequence of his support of Pope Gregory VII in his quarrel with Henry, Welf lost but subsequently regained Bavaria; two of his sons followed him in succession: Both exercised considerable influence among the German princes.

Alarmed at his power, King Conrad III refused to allow two duchies to remain in the same hands, and declared Henry deposed.

When Leopold died in , the king retained the duchy himself; but it continued to be the scene of considerable disorder, and in AD he entrusted it to Henry , surnamed Jasomirgott, Margrave of Austria.

In return, Austria was elevated from a margraviate to an independent duchy in the Privilegium Minus. It was Henry the Lion who founded Munich.

During the years following the dissolution of the Carolingian empire the borders of Bavaria changed continuously and for a lengthy period after AD, it finally started expanding.

To the west, the Lech still divided Bavaria from Swabia but on three other sides Bavaria took advantage of opportunities for expansion and the duchy occupied a considerable area north of the Danube.

During the later years of the rule of the Welfs , however, a contrary tendency operated, and the extent of Bavaria shrank. From the 12th century onwards, the counts residing in Castle Tyrol near Merano extended their territory over much of the region and came to surpass the power of the bishops of Brixen , of whom they were nominally vassals.

Duke Henry the Lion focused on his northern duchy of Saxony rather than on his southern duchy of Bavaria, and when the dispute over the Bavarian succession ended in AD, the district between the Enns and the Inn became part of Austria.

The increasing importance of former Bavarian territories like the Mark of Styria erected into a duchy in AD and of the county of Tyrol had diminished both the actual and the relative strength of Bavaria, which now on almost all sides lacked opportunities for expansion.

The neighboring Duchy of Carinthia , the large territories of the Archbishopric of Salzburg , as well as a general tendency to claim more independence on the part of the nobles: A new era began when, in consequence of Henry the Lion being placed under an imperial ban in AD, Emperor Frederick I awarded the duchy to Otto , a member of the old Bavarian family of Wittelsbach and a descendant of the counts of Scheyern.

The Wittelsbach dynasty ruled Bavaria without interruption until AD. Otto only enjoyed three years of rule over Bavaria. His son Louis I succeeded him in AD, playing a leading part in German affairs during the early years of the reign of the emperor Frederick II until Louis was assassinated at Kelheim in September His son Otto II , called the Illustrious, remained loyal to the Hohenstaufen emperors despite the Church placing Bavaria under an interdict and himself under a papal ban.

Like his father, Otto II increased the area of his lands by purchases and considerably strengthened his hold upon the duchy. He died in November The efforts of the dukes to increase their power and to give unity to the duchy had met with a fair measure of success; but they were soon vitiated by partitions among different members of the family, which for years made the history of Bavaria little more than a repetitive chronicle of territorial divisions bringing war and weakness in their wake.

The first of these divisions occurred in Louis II obtained the western part of the duchy, afterwards called Upper Bavaria, as well as the Electorate of the Palatinate , while Henry secured eastern or Lower Bavaria.

Dying in , Henry left an only son, John I , who died childless in the following year, when the Wittelsbach emperor Louis IV, by securing Lower Bavaria for himself, united the whole of the duchy under his sway.

In the course of a long reign, Louis II, called "the Stern", became the most powerful prince in southern Germany. It was not long, however, before this arrangement led to war between the brothers, with the result that in , three years after he had become German king, Louis compelled Rudolph to abdicate, and for twelve years ruled alone over the whole of Upper Bavaria.

At the same time the two lines of the Wittelsbach family decided to exercise the electoral vote alternately, and that in the event of the extinction of either branch of the family, the surviving branch should inherit its possessions.

The consolidation of Bavaria under Louis IV lasted for seven years, during which the emperor was able to improve the condition of the country.

When he died in he left six sons to share his possessions, who agreed upon a division of Bavaria in Its history, however, was complicated by its connections with Brandenburg , Holland , Hainaut and Tirol , all of which the emperor had also left to his sons.

All the six brothers exercised some authority in Bavaria; but three alone left issue, and of these the eldest, Louis V, Duke of Bavaria —also margrave of Brandenburg and count of Tyrol —died in and was followed to the grave two years later by his only son, the childless Meinhard.

Tyrol then passed to the Habsburgs. Brandenburg was lost in The two remaining brothers, Stephen II and Albert I , ruled over Bavaria-Landshut and Bavaria-Straubing respectively and when Stephen died in his three sons governed his portion of Bavaria jointly.

The main result of the threefold division of proved to be a succession of civil wars which led to the temporary eclipse of Bavaria as a force in German politics.

Neighbouring states encroached upon its borders, and the nobles ignored the authority of the dukes, who, deprived of the electoral vote, were mainly occupied for fifty years with internal strife.

This condition of affairs, however, had some benefits. The government of the country and the control of the finances passed mainly into the hands of an assembly called the Landtag or Landschaft , organized in The towns, assuming a certain independence, became strong and wealthy as trade increased, and the citizens of Munich and Regensburg often proved formidable antagonists to the dukes.

Thus, a period of disorder saw the growth of representative institutions and the establishment of a strong civic spirit. When John died in this family became extinct, and after a contest between various claimants, the three remaining branches of the Wittelsbach family Ingolstadt, Landshut and Munich partitioned Bavaria-Straubing between themselves.

However, Holland and Hainaut passed to Burgundy. His rule saw struggles with various towns and with his brother, John of Bavaria-Munich. Before his accession, this restless and quarrelsome prince had played an important part in the affairs of France, where his sister Isabella had married King Charles VI.

This prince, who had married a daughter of Frederick I of Hohenzollern , margrave of Brandenburg, resented the favour shown by his father to an illegitimate son.

Aided by Albert Achilles , afterwards margrave of Brandenburg, he took the elder Louis prisoner and compelled him to abdicate in When Louis the Lame died in his father came into the power of his implacable enemy, Henry of Bavaria-Landshut, and died in prison in The duchy of Bavaria-Ingolstadt passed to Henry, who had succeeded his father Frederick as duke of Bavaria-Landshut in , and whose long reign comprised almost entirely family feuds.

About this time Bavaria began to recover some of its former importance. Louis IX expelled the Jews from his duchy, increased the security of traders, and improved both the administration of justice and the condition of the finances.

In he founded the university of Ingolstadt , attempted to reform the monasteries, and successfully defeated Albert Achilles of Brandenburg. On the death of Louis IX in January his son George , also called the Rich, succeeded; and when George, a faithful adherent of the German king Maximilian I, died without sons in December , a war broke out for the possession of his duchy.

Both brothers then engaged in warfare with the other branches of the family and with the citizens of Munich. William III, a loyal servant of the emperor Sigismund, died in , leaving an only son, Adolf, who died five years later; and Ernest, distinguished for his strength, died in Albert, whose attempts to reform the monasteries earned him the surname of Pious, almost became the elected king of Bohemia in The third brother, Albert, who had been educated for the church, joined his brother in , and when Sigismund abdicated two years later became sole ruler, in spite of the claims of his two younger brothers.

Albert IV , called the Wise, added the district of Abensberg to his possessions, and in became involved in the Landshut War of Succession which broke out for the possession of Bavaria-Landshut on the death of George the Rich.

The emperor Maximilian I , interested as archduke of Austria and count of Tirol, interfered in the dispute.

In Albert decreed that the duchy should thenceforth pass according to the rules of primogeniture, and in other ways endeavoured to consolidate Bavaria.

He was partially successful in improving the condition of the country, and in Bavaria formed one of the six circles into which Germany was divided for the maintenance of peace.

In spite of the decree of , William IV was compelled to grant a share in the government in to his brother Louis X , an arrangement which lasted until the death of Louis in William followed the traditional Wittelsbach policy of opposition to the Habsburgs until in he made a treaty at Linz with Ferdinand , the king of Hungary and Bohemia.

This link strengthened in , when the emperor Charles V obtained the help of the duke during the war of the league of Schmalkalden by promising him in certain eventualities the succession to the Bohemian throne, and the electoral dignity enjoyed by the count palatine of the Rhine.

William also did much at a critical period to secure Bavaria for Catholicism. The reformed doctrines had made considerable progress in the duchy when the duke obtained extensive rights over the bishoprics and monasteries from the pope.

He then took measures to repress the reformers, many of whom were banished; while the Jesuits , whom he invited into the duchy in , made the Jesuit College of Ingolstadt , their headquarters in Germany.

William, whose death occurred in March and was succeeded by his son Albert V , who had married a daughter of Ferdinand of Habsburg, afterwards the emperor Ferdinand I.

Early in his reign Albert made some concessions to the reformers, who were still strong in Bavaria; but about he changed his attitude, favoured the decrees of the Council of Trent , and pressed forward the work of the Counter-Reformation.

As education passed by degrees into the hands of the Jesuits, the progress of Protestantism was effectually arrested in Bavaria. Albert V patronised art extensively.

Artists of all kinds flocked to his court in Munich, and splendid buildings arose in the city, while Italy and elsewhere contributed to the collection of artistic works.

The expenses of a magnificent court led the duke to quarrel with the Landschaft the nobles , to oppress his subjects, and to leave a great burden of debt when he died in October He secured the Archbishopric of Cologne for his brother Ernest in , and this dignity remained in the possession of the family for nearly years.

In he abdicated in favour of his son Maximilian I , and retired to a monastery, where he died in Maximilian I found the duchy encumbered with debt and filled with disorder, but ten years of his vigorous rule effected a remarkable change.

In spite of subsequent reverses, Maximilian retained these gains at the Peace of Westphalia in During the later years of this war Bavaria, especially the northern part, suffered severely.

In the Swedes invaded, and when Maximilian violated the treaty of Ulm in , the French and the Swedes ravaged the land.

After repairing this damage to some extent, the elector died at Ingolstadt in September , leaving his duchy much stronger than he had found it.

The recovery of the Upper Palatinate made Bavaria compact; the acquisition of the electoral vote made it influential; and the duchy was able to play a part in European politics which internal strife had rendered impossible for the past four hundred years.

The international position won by Maximilian I adds to the ducal house, on Bavaria itself its effect during the next two centuries were most dubious.

In , moreover, he again called a meeting of the diet, which had been suspended since His good work, however, was largely undone by his son Maximilian II Emanuel — , whose far-reaching ambition set him warring against the Ottoman Empire and, on the side of France, in the great struggle of the Spanish succession.

The death of the emperor Charles VI proved his opportunity: The price he had to pay, however, was the occupation of Bavaria itself by Austrian troops; and, though the invasion of Bohemia in by Frederick II of Prussia enabled him to return to Munich, at his death on 20 January it was left to his successor to make what terms he could for the recovery of his dominions.

He was a man of enlightenment , did much to encourage agriculture, industries and the exploitation of the mineral wealth of the country, founded the Academy of Sciences at Munich, and abolished the Jesuit censorship of the press.

At the same time the elector signed more death sentences than any of his predecessors ever had. On 30 December , when he died, the Bavarian line of the Wittelsbachs became extinct, and the succession passed to Charles Theodore , the elector palatine.

So great an accession of strength to a neighbouring state, whose ambition she had just reason to fear, proved intolerable to Austria, which laid claim to a number of lordships — forming one-third of the whole Bavarian inheritance — as lapsed fiefs of the Bohemian, Austrian and imperial crowns.

These were at once occupied by Austrian troops, with the secret consent of Charles Theodore himself, who was without legitimate heirs, and wished to obtain from the emperor the elevation of his natural children to the status of princes of the Empire.

For Bavaria itself Charles Theodore did less than nothing. For the rest, the enlightened internal policy of his predecessor was abandoned.

The funds of the suppressed Society of Jesus , which Maximilian Joseph had destined for the reform of the educational system of the country, were used to endow a province of the knights of St John of Jerusalem , for the purpose of combating the enemies of the faith.

The government was inspired by the narrowest clericalism, which culminated in the attempt to withdraw the Bavarian bishops from the jurisdiction of the great German metropolitans and place them directly under that of the pope.

On the eve of the Revolution the intellectual and social condition of Bavaria remained that of the Middle Ages. In , French revolutionary armies overran the Palatinate; in the French, under Moreau , invaded Bavaria itself and advanced to Munich where they were received with joy by the long-suppressed Liberals, and laid siege to Ingolstadt.

Charles Theodore , who had done nothing to prevent wars or to resist the invasion, fled to Saxony and abandoned a regency whose members signed a convention with Moreau, by which he granted an armistice in return for a heavy contribution 7 September Between the French and the Austrians, Bavaria was now in a bad situation.

Even before the death of Charles Theodore on 16 February the Austrians had again occupied the country, in preparation for renewing the war with France.

Though both he and his all-powerful minister, Maximilian von Montgelas sympathized more with France than Austria, the state of the Bavarian finances and the fact that the Bavarian troops were scattered and disorganized placed him helpless in the hands of Austria.

On 2 December , the Bavarian armies were involved in the Austrian defeat at Hohenlinden , and Moreau once more occupied Munich.

In view of the scarcely disguised ambitions and intrigues of the Austrian court, Montgelas now believed that the interests of Bavaria lay in a frank alliance with the French Republic; he succeeded in overcoming the reluctance of Maximilian Joseph and on 24 August a separate treaty of peace and alliance with France was signed in Paris.

The whole form a compact territory which more than compensated for the loss of her outlying provinces on the Rhine. Montgelas now aspired to raise Bavaria to the rank of a first-rate power and he pursued this object during the Napoleonic epoch with consummate skill, allowing fully for the preponderance of France — so long as it lasted — but never permitting Bavaria to sink, like so many of the states of the Confederation of the Rhine , into a mere French dependency.

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